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Free Stained Glass Patterns: Angels & Cherubs

Our inclusion of the following website listings does not warrant a complete endorsement of any pattern offered.
Be sure to check use policies and copyright limitations.

  • Angel Cat- Design inspired by a cat named Binky. A cat with wings... Angel or not watch out birds!
  • Angel Dance- Not as obscure as a cat with wings or a modest angel. This angle does have spaghetti straps on her gown.
  • Angel Patterns- 6 cute angel patterns can be used for various crafts including stained glass by Casa Caramellia.
  • Angel Praying- On her knees, with a halo and is prayer. A pattern by Artistic Glass Patterns.
  • Angel Suncatcher- Holding stars in her hands. Pattern by Warner Stained Glass.
  • Angel Suncatcher- Offered by Artist M.W Boersma.
  • Angel Teddy- A Christmas stained glass pattern by the
  • Angel with Crystals- Make this angel using decorative wire work, jewels and crystals. Offered by Warner Stained Glass.
  • Angel with Harp (lyre)- In flight set in an oval frame offered by Alpine Stained Glass.
  • Angel with Horn- Free holiday pattern by Vit-Mar.
  • Angel with Trumpet- In flight set in an oval frame offered by Alpine Stained Glass.
  • Angelique- Free Christmas tree decoration offered by Design Glass.
  • Angels Holding Heart- Set in a horizontal oval frame. Offered by Artist M.W Boersma.
  • Blessing Angel- Angel has hand out looking down off some clouds. Set in a round frame.
  • Christmas Holiday Angel- Free holiday pattern of an angel holding a harp by alpine Stained Glass.
  • Garden Angel- An angel holding a flower by Vicki Payne of Cutters Productions.
  • Guardian Angel- Helping the little ones cross a deteriorated bridge missing a plank and some railing.
  • Joy's Angel- A special requested stained glass pattern by Joy. Set in an oval frame.
  • Modest Angel- A bit of an awkward design concept for an angel. Appears to be holding arms near for self comfort rather than the pattern title suggests.
  • Queit Angel- Holding a finger over her lips set in an offset circular frame.
  • Rainbow Angel- Pattern uses overlay pieces by Royalty Stained Glass of Colorado Springs, Co.
  • Returning Angel- A story of sadness, seasons, hope and forget-me-nots by Chantal.
  • Simple Angels- Free stepping stone patterns by Cole Brothers.
  • Simple Angels II- More free angel patterns by Cole Brothers.
  • Sleeping Baby Angel- this cute infant angel sleeping on a cloud is offered by Artistic Glass Patterns.
  • Weeping Angel- Often seen in graveyards or over tombstones. This pattern is a copy of a famous statue.
  • William A. Bouguereau's Song of Angels- Design taken from the French academic painter.

More to come...
Updated 12/15/09

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