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Free Celtic Stained Glass Patterns

Stained glass patterns listed here will include designs for Celtic themed window patterns along with various sized project patterns.

Our inclusion of the following website listings does not warrant a complete
endorsement of any pattern offered.
Be sure to check use policies and copyright limitations.

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  • Autumn Celtic- Free stained glass pattern from Paned Expressions pattern archives in down loadable zip format.
  • Celtic Clover- Offered by the British Stained Glass Co. Intricate design may be simplified a bit.
  • Celtic Cross- Celtic knots fill the inside of the Christian cross perimeter. Celtic pattern designed by Chantal.
  • Celtic Cross 1- Free Celtic cross from Sharons Glass Designs.
  • Celtic Cross 2- A second Celtic cross from Sharons Glass Designs.
  • Celtic Cross 3- Yet another Celtic Cross from Sharons Glass Designs. Nice work Sharon and thanks for the great patterns!
  • Celtic Cross Patterns- Free download-able patterns from Marcel's Kid Crafts. Easily adapted for stained glass and are a great start for ideas no doubt. Check out their free Irish and Celtic Symbol collection for more design ideas.
  • Celtic Diamond- Celtic knots arranged in a diamond shape from Chantal.
  • Celtic Fan Light- For use in a fan lamp, this free stained glass pattern is offered by the Glass Sorcery.
  • Celtic Hexagon- 6 sided shape (hexagon) filled with Celtic knots by Chantal.
  • Celtic Knot- Simple free standing stained glass pattern by Chantal.
  • Celtic Knot- Easy to do stained glass pattern in a triangle layout from Chantal.
  • Celtic Knot- Pattern layout in a pendant shape by Chantal.
  • Celtic Knot- Circular shaped Celtic stained glass pattern from Chantal.
  • Celtic Knot Patterns- Free patterns from Marcel's Kid Crafts. Though not actual stained glass patterns, website suggests you can use them for stained glass (perhaps). I agree if some slight modifications are made. Great free printable design ideasno doubt.
  • Celtic Knot Window Pattern- Free Celtic panel design offered by Bennets Art Glass.
  • Celtic Luck- March's pattern of the month. "A Blessing from Saint Patrick" is shared with this 4 leafed clover pattern offered by the Larkins.
  • Celtic Spirals- Appropriately named pattern looks animate just sitting still. Circular Celtic pattern by Chantal.
  • Celtic Spirals II- Similar in design to Celtic Spirals I but does appear to be a bit easier to make. Personally I like them both but lean toward this one. Nice work Ms. Pare!
  • Chain Link Panel #35- A similar pattern #36 resembles a series of linked chain. Borders on an optical illusion if you stare too hard. Free patterns from
  • Circle Panel #33- Design has 4 intertwining rings inside a larger circular frame by
  • Claddagh- Traditional crowned heart with hands (the Irish symbol for "friendship") with a Celtic ring from Chantal.
  • Free Stained Glass (other random patterns)- I found at least 4 nice and easy Celtic knot patterns amongst other free patterns offered.
  • Knotted Fish- Celtic pattern uses 4 fish. Hosted by ART:ERY and designed by Glenn Gumpman.
  • Mosaic Knots- Mostly appear to aid in creating Celtic knots for borders and central motifs. At last count we came up with 59 different free mosaic and Celtic knot patterns. Link is to "Mosaics 1", you can find the other mosaic pages from the navigation bar on the left. Offered by
  • Oval Panel #19- Simple layout contains the infinity loop offered by
  • Panel #46- Sorry for the non naming of this design. If you come up with something good to call it let me know :) Design contains a series of vertically (or horizontally) stacked intertwining crisscrosses. Free pattern from
  • Panel #118- Series of overlapping loops in a square layout from
  • Round Celtic- Free Celtic floral stained glass pattern offered by Glass Crafters.
  • Round Panel #18- Attractive and common layout for a simple Celtic knot from
  • Simple Celtic Knot- Simply that and it surely is :) Offered by the Glass Sorcery. Thanks for the nifty pattern for beginners guys.
  • Square Panel #17- Contains 4 looping circles from
  • The Greenman- In Celtic mythology the "Green Man" symbolizes the God of spring and summer, retuning every year. This version of the green man pattern by Chantal displays the typical foliage surrounding a face.
  • Triskele- Free round stained glass pattern inspired from the Mycenaean culture designed by Chantal.
  • Triskelion- Within the Celtic culture seen always in a pattern of three from the Greek meaning "three-legged" comes this nice pattern designed by Chantal.
  • Triskelion in Circle- #12 in door panel series from Here's the same type of pattern but with four points... I guess you can call it "Quadelion"?

More to come...
Updated 9/16/10

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