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Free Stained Glass Patterns:

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Our inclusion of the following website listings does not warrant a complete endorsement of any pattern offered.
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  • Abstract Cross- Created for Easter '09, this stained glass pattern of a cross has nearly all straight lines except fot the embedded oval and outer perimeter. Offered free from gospel Glass.
  • African Cross- Free African cross stained glass pattern done for Rev. Pickett. offered by Gospel Glass.
  • Bennett's Art Glass- Pam is offering 2 free stained glass cross patterns amongst her collection. Free cross pattern I and also Cross Pattern II.
  • Bible- Open bible pattern set in a circular frame from Gospel Glass.
  • Christ Crucified- Station XI of the cross in a circular frame. Free pattern by Gospel Glass.
  • Christ Dies- Station XII of the Cross. Free stained glass pattern from Gospel Glass.
  • Christ Risen- Station XV of the cross depicting an empty toomb. Free pattern from Gospel Glass.
  • Christ's Ascension- Station XVI of the cross offered by Gospel Glass.
  • Christian Fish Suncatcher- Known as the Ichthys, the Greek word for "fish". Optional IXOYE for middle that is an abbreviation in Greek letters for "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior".
  • Church- Rectangular stained glass pattern of a church by Chantal.
  • Contemporary Cross- Free cross stained glass pattern from Gospel Glass.
  • Cross & Four Leaves- Free stained glass pattern of a cross and four leaves set in a circular frame from Gospel Glass.
  • Day 4 of the Creation- The sun, moon, stars and earth from Genesis. Free pattern offered by Gospel Glass.
  • Easter Morning Cross- A quote from 2 Corinthians 13:4 is giving along with this free and easy to do cross pattern set in a circular frame from Gospel Glass.
  • Jerusalem Cross- Looks like you can use bevel pieces as well in this free cross pattern from Gospel glass.
  • Jesus- In a tablet shaped frame from Oak Tree Stained Glass. Has also a black & white version of this stained glass pattern.
  • Knotted Fish- Free Celtic style Christian fish stained glass pattern designed by Glenn Gumpman.
  • "One Life Won Love"- Panel set of Christ and the crucifixion with the Holy Spirit above. Dragonfly "Design of the Month" created by Cindy of Celestial Stained Glass Design.
  • "Pray for the Peace of the World"- Design of the Month of June 2005. Downloadable in Glass Eye 2000 Format. Designed by Sandy McKenny.
  • "Protectors of the Law"- Half round panel set with 2 lions and the Ten Commandments. Pattern available in Glass Eye 2000 format. Designed by Doris Cultraro of DC Studios LLC.
  • Round Cross- Offset cross in center of stained glass pattern designed by Gospel Glass.
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus- Stained glass pattern of Jesus in an oval frame by Chantel. Flip the design to use the more appropriate raising of the right hand.
  • "Shine a Light"- November 2005 Design of the Month offered by Drangonfly Software. Design concept inspired from a quote by Rev. Abe Cox. Artist Russel Shuler of Light-Crafts.
  • Sildecia's Picture- From Proverbs 29:18 "Where there is no vision the people perish". Panel pattern designed by Sildecia from Florida SA.
  • St. Francis- Free stained glass pattern inspired from a statue of Saint Francis with birds.
  • "The Eucharist"- Design of the Month, February 2006 from Dragonfly Software. Artist: Lynn of Sunrise Art Glass.
  • The Lion and the Lamb- Bible story in a stained glass pattern by Chantal. The original photo this was traced from and flipped horizontally... The Lion and the Lamb if you need to get some accurate glass colors.
  • Virgin Mary- Set in an oval frame designed by Chantal. If you want to paint the face, the original art this stained glass pattern was traced from with clear details can be found here. Simply flip the image over horizontally.

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