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Free Stained Glass Patterns: Halloween

happy halloween

Stained glass patterns with a spooky theme.

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halloween pussy

  • Free Fusable Glass Projects- This collection of Halloween and fall themed patterns by Glass Art Patterns will please both the beginner and novice hot glass enthusiast. Free patterns include fusing instructions as well.
  • Ghost Crossing- A ghoul on a sign with the words "crypt" beneath.
  • Halloween Holiday- Free spooky Halloween pattern collection from Alpine Stained Glass. Set includes: A pumpkin, ghost and a bat. You can also use these stained glass patterns for fused glass projects.
  • Halloween Holiday Bats- Another version of cute bats for Halloween by Alpine Stained Glass.
  • Halloween Lamp Pattern- From Delphi, a free jack-o-lantern pattern to download.
  • October' Pattern of the Month- Spooky spider web with jack-o-lantern eyes offered by The Larkins.
  • Pumpkin on the Vine- Nice looking square panel with a pumpkin and foliage by Chantal. Nice thing about this pattern is you can hang it in any direction.
  • Skeletal Hand- Offered by Fantasy In Glass.
  • Skull- Free pattern from Fantasy In Glass. Here's another free skull pattern.
  • Spider and Web- Pattern says it's for a candle holder? I would guess you make four equal size sections and put a votive candle inside. Pattern by Vit-Mar.
  • Tiffany Glaskunst Halloween Collection- Includes some autumn themed foliage patterns, Jack-O-Lantern, witch and pumpkin, cat with a wizard hat and pumpkin, ghost with bowling ball, scare crow with pumpkin, bat with a cape, and 2 ghosts with pumpkins. Link goes to frame. Visit their main page for more free patterns... Tiffanyglaskunst click on "Vorlagen".
  • Warner's Free Halloween Stained Glass Patterns- A teddy bear with a pumpkin costume, a ghost and pumpkin side by side, a ghost rising from a jack-o-lantern and a witch and her brew with company.
  • Witch- The famous pose in flight on her broom. Free Halloween stained glass pattern from Vit-Mar. I would suggest plating over a hoop of some sort (brass) to resemble the moon, this will also add needed support.
  • Witchcraft- Creepy looking cat perched atop a cauldron by Jillian Sawyer. Author of "Glass Books".

witchcraft by Jillian Sawyer

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