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Free Stained Glass Patterns: St. Patrick's Day


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Leprechaun Hat
Sponsored Free St. Patrick's Stained Glass Pattern
Down East Stained Glass
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  • Celtic Luck- A four leaf clover Celtic knot by the Larkin's. CHALLENGE WARNING: Pattern has 97 pieces and is under a square foot!
  • Fighting Irishman- Free pattern offered by Fantasy in Glass. Looks like the Notre Dame fighting Irish mascot.
  • Leprechaun- Is he offering his pot of gold or just showing it off? Very detailed pattern by the British Stained Glass Co.
  • Lucky Shamrock- A four leaf clover set in a circular frame by Glass Crafters.
  • Running Leprechaun- Should we? Well then OK... DETAIL WARNING: The shamrock cut from a foil sheet is the least of your problems.
  • Simple Shamrock- Free pattern has three leaves.  It's an easy pattern to do and looks nice. Designed by the Glass Sorcery.
  • St. Patrick's Clover- Nice and simple four leaf clover from Alpine Stained Glass.
  • St. Patrick's Holiday Hat- A leprechaun hat with shamrocks and a rainbow offered free from Alpine Stained Glass. Try rounding off the buckle to make life a bit easier for you.
  • Victorian Shamrock- The official symbol for Ireland (the shamrock) is used in the upper corners of this stained glass panel design. You may want to beef up the vertical pieces just below the shamrocks for strength.

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Updated 1/24/10

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