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Free Stained Glass Patterns: Boxes & Bookends

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  • Beveled Glass Box- Pattern available at Larkin's World of Glass! Look about half way down on the right.
  • Bible Box- Stained glass pattern with praying hands to hold a bible.
  • Black Capped Chickadee- Box lid pattern offered by Delphi Stained Glass.
  • Business Card Holder- Simple pattern offered by Sierra Glass Works of Placerville, Ca.
  • Crematory Box- Large box using American Bevel clusters, jewels and squares. Not sure if the Mona Lisa is included.
  • Crematory Box- Mona Lisa adorns the front of this stained glass box make with square bevels.
  • Eye Box- I'm still looking for the nose box and will post when I find it. At least you may never feel alone while doing this pattern.
  • Flag Boxes- Two versions include a Canadian and stylized US flag.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Tissue Box Cover- Handsome tissue box cover by Chantal.
  • Funky Tissue Box Cover- Appears the original design attempt was to be peacock feathers. Pattern is truly funky none the less.
  • Japanese Iris Box- Delicate flower pattern designed by Mancuso Studio of Hartford, CT. PDF download.
  • Jewel Moon- Nice and easy stained glass box pattern by Vit-Mar.
  • Kaleido Box- Short for "kaleidoscope", this pattern looks to have 3 options.
  • Kaleido Box- Pattern with yellow flowers with 3 optional layouts.
  • Kaleido Box- Looks like a peacock feather, jelly beans or amebas, you decide.
  • Kaleido Box- This stained glass kaleidoscope pattern is simple. We'll keep it at that.
  • Kaleido Box- I can't figure out the design. Maybe it's a 60's thing.
  • Kaleido Box- Appears there are small heart shaped segments floating with mustard up in the sky. That's my imagination and I'm sticking to it.
  • Kaleido Box- Looks to me like bubble gum twisting with yellow play dough. Change the colors and you're on your own.
  • Kaleido Box- A stained glass kaleidoscope box pattern with gumballs? Well it could be...
  • Lips- Just a box with lips. I won't go there.
  • Lotus Box- Bit of a challenging pattern but may look nice when done.
  • Large Mouth Bass- Pictured in the traditional jumping out of the water with the mouth open wide pose.
  • Northern Oriole- Free stained glass box lid pattern from Delphi Glass.
  • Paisley- Tissue box pattern for boutique sized (small) tissue box. This pattern may be a challenge for even the pro glasser due to the amount of small pieces and nearly impossible cuts.
  • Piet Mondrian- Stained glass box design inspired by the dutch artist.
  • Plaid- A stained glass tissue box cover pattern. A bit busy but can be simplified easy enough.
  • Playing Cards Box- This box pattern fits 2 decks of playing cards, 5 dice and a pen. Cover is decorated with the four suits: spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds.
  • Rainbow Box- This cute little box designed by Sierra Glass Works depicts a sun, clouds and 3 stripe rainbow. Simple beginner stained glass box pattern in PDF format.
  • Ruby Throated Hummingbird- Stained glass box pattern from Delphi glass.
  • Salmon- Free stained glass box pattern with a salmon.
  • Song Sparrow- Free stained glass box pattern offered by Delphi.
  • Strawberry- Cute little square stained glass box pattern with a strawberry design.
  • Trout- Larger box with a trout fish design. The top pattern can be a stand alone panel as well.
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