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Free Stained Glass Patterns: Cats

Our inclusion of the following website listings does not warrant a complete
endorsement of any pattern offered.
Be sure to check use policies and copyright limitations.

  • Angel Cat- A cat with wings inspired by "Binky" the Cornish Rex cat.
  • Baby Kat- Kitty with a rattle wearing diapers.
  • Cat Fairy- Even felines have fairies :)
  • Cat Frame- Kitty holding on for dear life! Vertical version of same cat.
  • Cat and Fishbowl- Eying up lunch I suspect. Pattern by Mary Jane.
  • Cat Sleeping- "Lazy Day" Stained glass pattern by GlasDesign. PDF format.
  • Cats Napping- Pattern "Napcats" by Paned Expressions.
  • Cat Playing With Ball- Offered by
  • Cat Stepping Stone- Pattern from the book “Suncatchers & Stones 2000” by Mari Stein. PDF download.
  • Cats (3)- "Playmates" A pattern by GlasDesign of Hamburg, Germany. PDF format.
  • Chaing Cat- Free stained glass cat pattern offered by Delphi Stained Glass.
  • Colorful Kitty- Stained glass textured background from Warner.
  • Cornish Rex- Free pattern by Chantal set in an oval frame.
  • Devon Rex- Resting atop an Ikea box.
  • Devon Rex Kitten- English bred cat playing with yarn by Chantal.
  • Devons (2)- Free-form stained glass pattern.
  • Glazz Katz- Crazy looking cat pattern by PDQ Patterns.
  • Grey Cat- From the book "Cat Designs" author Tessa McOnie.
  • Kissin' Kittens- A stained glass pattern by Nancy Pimental of Great Woods Glass Art. PDF download.
  • Kitten 10- A cat pattern by Oak Tree Stained glass.
  • Kitty Face- Nice close-up cat pattern by Glass Crafters Stained Glass Supplies.
  • Kitty Fishing-  “JUST LOOKING” by Ila M. Press A Pane in the Glass. PDF download.
  • Kitty Kitty- Free cat pattern by Glass crafters Stained Glass.
  • Lady Cuddling a Siamese Cat- Pattern from
  • Maine Coon- A very large native American longhaired cat.
  • Maine Coon Suncatcher- A calico colored kitty.
  • "Maya" The Cat- Free pattern of the month of November 2006 offered by Dragonfly Software.
  • Oriental Shorthair- The kitten is named Olive and was blogged about how she fetches.
  • Oriental Shorthair Kitten- A "fancy breed" claims the artist.
  • Persian Cat Suncatcher- Cartoonish pattern.
  • Regal Feline- Free stained glass pattern (PDF) offered by Citrus Heights Stained Glass. Designed by Alee Soderman of Valee Studios. Palo Alto, California.
  • Resting Kitty- Pattern titled "Spring Fever" by CKE Publications. PDF format.
  • Scottish Fold- Distinguished folded down ears set in a plaid background.
  • Siamese- Pattern submitted by Joy.
  • Siamese- "Baily" the cat with a heart locket collar in an oval frame.
  • Siamese- Rear view pattern of cat.
  • Siamese- Side view pattern of cat.
  • Siamese- Resting with her front paws tucked beneath by Joy.
  • Siamese- Pattern of a Siamese cat looking over her shoulder by
  • Siamese (2)- Set in a circle frame from Joy.
  • Siamese Cat Cartoon- Kinda creepy looking suncatcher of a cat.
  • Sleeping Cat- Parker the stray loves to sleep. Here he is in an oval frame.
  • Ragdoll Cat- A nice pattern by Chantal set in a circular frame.
  • Tabby Kitten- Oh how big your eyes and ears are :)
  • Two Cats- The frame is created by their tails and form a heart.
  • Wild Cat- A lioness in an oval frame.

More to come...
Updated 12/04/09

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