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Free Stained Glass Patterns:
Celebrities & Famous People

Our inclusion of the following website listings does not warrant a complete endorsement of any pattern offered.
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  • Abraham Lincoln- Free stained glass pattern of the 16th President of the USA by the Glass Sorcery.
  • Adonis- Author describes as an elder. Not too sure of this one but if you're into Greek mythology. I believe Adonis was the lover of Aphrodite.
  • Al Pacino- A requested pattern on Stained Glass Town Square. Not sure if it's free to use so check with site owner.
  • Alfred E. Neuman- The star of MAD Magazine. Famous quote: "What, Me Worry?". Goofball stained glass pattern designed by Chantal.
  • Alfred Hitchcock- The master of suspense. Born: August 13, 1899 - Died: April 29, 1980. Stained glass pattern offered by The British Stained Glass co.
  • Andy Warhol- Pattern offered by a blogger called "A Glass Artist".
  • Ataturk, Mustafa Kemal- First President and founder of the Turkish Republic. Bet you didn't know that :)
  • Audry Hepburn- British actress best know for her roles in "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "My Fair Lady", "Roman Holiday", and "Charade". Free pattern from Chantal.
  • Barrack (Hussain) Obama- Stained glass pattern of a community organizer turned commander and chief. Origin of birth believed to be from Hawaii of both American and Muslim heritage.
  • Barack and Michelle Obama's Inaugural Dance- Center oval of pattern copied from an AP photo by Charlie Neibergall within a field of stars and stripes from Chantal. Brings a tear to your eye doesn't it?
  • Benazir Bhutto- Pakistan's first woman prime minister. One year after being assassinated on December 27, 2007 she was awarded a prize for human rights by the United Nations. Born: June 21, 1953. Glass pattern by Chantal.
  • Beyoncé Knowles- American R&B singer, songwriter, actress and fashion designer. Pattern by Chantal.
  • Bob Marley- Art glass pattern offered for free from Free Stained Glass Patterns of the Jamaican singer, songwriter and reggae musician shows Marley in a circular frame.
  • Boris Vian- Surrealistic interpretation stained glass pattern by Chantal.
  • Bruce Springsteen- Well... Actually it's a stained glass pattern of his derriere as featured on an album cover. Designed by Mary Jane.
  • Celine Dion- Stained glass pattern portrait of Quebec chanteuse Céline Dion by a glass artist blogger.
  • Clark Gable- Actually... William Clark Gable nicknamed "The King of Hollywood". American film actor lived to 99. Born: February 1, 1901 - Died: November 16, 1960.
  • Cleopatra- Egyptian Queen, known for her dealings with ancient Rome politically set in a round frame.
  • Cleopatra VII- Stained glass pattern of the Egyptian pharaoh from Oak Tree Stained Glass.
  • David- Bust of statue of David offered free by Oak Tree Stained Glass.
  • Dean Martin- American actor, comedian and singer famous for partnering with Jerry Lewis in many comedies.
  • Edie Sedgwick- Dubbed "The Girl of the Year" in 1965. Starred in Andy Warhol's short films and died of a drug and alcohol overdose at 28.
  • Elton John- Pop singer and entertainer known for an outrageous collection of eye-wear and his music of course. Pattern offered by Free Stained Glass Patterns.
  • Elvis Presley- Set in an oval frame, this young Elvis pattern will surely satisfy the Graceland fans. Rumor has it there's other patterns elsewhere... We'll look into it.
  • Ernest Hemingway- Famous American author and journalist. Born: July 21, 1899 - Died: July 2, 1961. Free stained glass pattern by Chantal.
  • Farrah Fawcett- Actress, wife of the "six million dollar man" Lee Majors and beauty icon for every boy living the 70's. Stained glass pattern includes the big hair! Thanks Chantal.
  • George Washington- The father of America and first president. Free pattern from the Glass Sorcery.
  • Grace Kelly- Academy Award winning actress and Princess. Born: November 12, 1929 Died: September 14, 1982. Ranked #13 of the top female stars of American cinema by the American Film Institute.
  • Harry Potter- Harry's wearing his trademark round rimmed glasses and waving a magic wand in this free pattern from Vit-Mar.
  • Humphrey Bogart- Considered the greatest male star in the history of American cinema by the American Film Institute.  Leading star of Casablanca in 1942. "Here's looking at you, kid".
  • Hillary Clinton- First Lady to scandal ridden President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State serving Barrak Hussain Obama's cabinet. free stained glass pattern from a glass artist blog.
  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis- Married to John F. Kennedy the 35th president of the United States of America. Pattern from an art glass blogger.
  • James Dean- The rebel with out a cause and star of the movie of the same name was a teenage bad boy actor who died in a car crash on September 30, 1955. Pattern offered free by Chantal.
  • Jane Burden Morris- Pattern shows subject sitting in a chair. By the British Stained Glass co.
  • Jane Burden Morris- Bust of JBM in an oval frame free from the British Stained Glass co.
  • Jane Burden Morris- Here's a neck shot of JBM. Free glass pattern from the British Stained Glass co. requires painting skills.
  • Jane Burden Morris- A circular pattern of JBM with that look... Thank you British Stained Glass co.
  • Janis Joplin- 60's rock star who died of an overdose of heroin on October 4, 1970. Free stained glass pattern offered by "Free Stained Glass Patterns".
  • Jay Leno- "James Douglas Muir Leno" Host of The Tonight Show television show. Offered by Free Stained Glass Patterns.
  • Jerry Garcia- Lead guitarist for the Grateful Dead Band. Born: August 1, 1942 – Died: August 9, 1995. Free hairy pattern from a glass artist blogger.
  • John Lennon- Beatles (the fab four) band member and later solo artist in an oval frame by Chantal' Stained Glass Patterns.
  • John Paul II- Set in an oval frame this free stained glass pattern of this popular Pope is offered by Chantal.
  • Johnny Depp as "Captain Jack Sparrow"- Designed by Mary Jane, this stained glass pattern will be a great addition to your pirate art glass pattern library.
  • Judy Garland- Famous actress and star of "The Wizard of OZ". Free stained glass pattern offered by a glass artist blogger.
  • Leonard Nimoy- "Mr Spock" from Star Trek. Captain Kirk's right hand man.
  • Louis Armstrong- Artist claims old Lou has a treble clef. Can't see it behind the trumpet so we'll never know...
  • Madame Butterfly- Not exactly a famous person but a famous opera none the less. Free pattern offered by Dragonfly Software as their "Design of the Month" for September 2006. Designed by Christie A. Wood.
  • Marilyn- Free stained glass pattern in PDF offered by Glass Crafters.
  • Marilyn Manson- "Brian Hugh Warner" got his stage name by combining Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson. Why a pattern? Your guess is as good as mine...
  • Marilyn Monroe- A stained glass pattern of the famous dress raising photo by Chantal.
  • Marilyn Monroe- Bust of Marilyn complete with beauty mark on the cheek. Free pattern from Chantal's stained glass patterns.
  • Marilyn Suncatcher- The beauty mark (mole) gives this person away. Can you guess who it is? Thanks Chantal!
  • Martin Luther King- Free stained glass pattern of famous 60's activist and African American civil rights leader by Chantal.
  • Michael Jackson- Famed pop star from the Thriller era. For a Micheal pattern you just can't beat it. Sorry couldn't resist! Free pattern by Chantal's stained glass patterns.
  • Michael Rosenbaum- lex Luther of the television series of Superman. Worthy of a stained glass pattern? You decide...
  • Michelle Obama- Wife of Barrak Hussain Obama. Free pattern from an art glass blogger.
  • Nefertiti- Egyptian chief consort or "Great Royal Wife" of Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten.
  • Nico- Full name: Christa Paffgen. A German model from the velvet underground. Like the free pattern? Tell the glass artist blogger by commenting on the blog.
  • Norma Jean- Somehow I suspect this is not titled after the heavy metal rock band of the same name. Free pattern from Oak Tree Stained Glass.
  • Obama Hope- From the famous "Hope" poster of Barrak Hussain Obama's Presidential campaign. Free pattern comes from Chantal's stained glass patterns.
  • Paul McCartney- Side view stained glass pattern of Paul in a square layout offered free by Vit-Mar.
  • Peter Schiff- A financial consultant and economic forecaster pattern will surely make everything in your life complete. Best of all it's free from this glass artist blogger.
  • Pope Benedict XVI- Joseph Alois Ratzinger Born: April 16, 1927 is the 265th Pope. Elected  on April 19, 2005. Stained glass pattern by Chantal.
  • Roger Moore- Play's Simon Templar, a British fictional character known as "The Saint". Stained glass pattern by Chantal. And if that's not enough here's another... Sir Roger Moore as Simon Templar "The Saint". And another... (This one Roger has a halo) The Saint. Can we promise the last one? Possibly this is it... Roger Moore "The Saint".
  • Sarah Palin- Former Alaskan Governor turned Vice Presidential candidate for the 2008 US elections. Is the pattern really free? "You Betcha"!
  • Sherlock Holmes- With his famous magnifying glass and pipe by Chantal.
  • St. Francis- Holding his bird in one hand and another on his shoulder. Stained glass artist Chantal was inspired from a statue and is offering this free pattern. Say this three times fast... Stefana, Stepfana, Stephana.
  • St. Joseph- Set in an oval frame, Joseph is holding baby Jesus and lilies. Free religious pattern from Chantal's stained glass patterns..
  • The Beatles- Famous rock-n-roll band from the 60's. Stained glass pattern designed from their Rubber Soul album cover.
  • Queen Elizabeth I- September 7, 1533 – March 24, 1603. AKA: England's Virgin Queen, The Good Queen Bess and Gloriana.
  • Vincent Price- Glass pattern can be found in a forum gallery. Looks like it's free to use. Check with site owner to be sure.
  • William Shatner- Glass pattern by Free Stained Glass Patterns of a young Captain Kirk of the Star-ship Enterprise featured on popular 60's & 70's TV series "Star Trek".

More to come...
Updated 10/13/10

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