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We are dedicated to the most complete and comprehensive listing of free stained glass patterns available online.
Other websites that claim to be all inclusive tend to be biased with their listings, we won't play that unfair game and promise a complete and fair representation of each and every source of free stained glass patterns available.

We will give full credit with a direct link to the pattern creators website, not just their patterns.
This guarantees a completely fair and open resource policy.

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Free Stained Glass Patterns:
Pattern Collections

Our inclusion of the following website listings does not warrant a complete endorsement of any pattern offered.
Be sure to check use policies and copyright limitations.

  • Bennett's Art Glass- Contemporary stained glass artist Pam of Fernandina Beach, Florida is offering a nice selection of free stained glass patterns.
  • Citrus Heights Stained Glass- The long list of free stained glass patterns include: Birds, Cats, Dogs, Fish, Flowers, Holidays, Kid's Stuff, Lamps, Odds & Ends and Other Animals. PHEW! Grab em all in PDF format and print from your computer.
  • Down East Stained Glass- Free stained glass pattern directory changes every now and then so you never know what you'll get. Like a box of chocolates.
  • Fantasy In Glass- Large collection of whimsical stained glass patterns. You will find from bizarre to cute with a dash of super heroes tossed in.
  • Heronia Art Glass- Stained glass pattern sets include: Coastal Critters which has a variety of whales, a shark, dolphin and sea otter. Young at Heart includes a cute elephant, set of booties, a very happy bunny, musical note, frog on a lily pad and festive bells. Patterns are in PDF format nicely organized.
  • Leadlight Products (NZ) LTD- Looks like a collection of scanned Spectrum patterns. We'll list them in case you missed some elsewhere. PDF format.
  • Paned Expressions Studios- From the authors of many popular stained glass pattern CD's comes a beautiful collection of detailed stained glass patterns. Free downloads in zip format.
  • The White House Stained Glass and Basketry- Vine Grove, Kentucky studio offering a vast collection of free stained glass patterns of varying skill levels and themes.
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