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Free Stained Glass Patterns: Farm & Barn Animals

Our inclusion of the following website listings does not warrant a complete endorsement of any pattern offered.
Be sure to check use policies and copyright limitations.

  • Bay Horse- Named for the color and type of it's coat. And I thought it got it's name from coming from the shore. Free horse pattern by Glass Sorcery.
  • Buddies- Two horses by Oak Tree in an oval frame.
  • Carousel 10- Until we create a category for amusement park patterns this is where the pattern stays for now. Free carousel horse pattern offered by Oak Tree Stained Glass.
  • Chestnut Mare- Set in a tall oval frame, a free pattern of a horses bust offered by Oak Tree.
  • Dartmore Pony- Rare horse from the British Ilse. Free pattern from Chantal.
  • Donkey- What a jackass just looking there in that oval frame. Free pattern by Chantal.
  • End of the Trail- Pattern of a tired Indian passenger on horseback. Designed by Citrus Heights stained Glass.
  • Flying Cow- Hey diddle, diddle all we need now is a cat with a fiddle. Udder is for stability in flight.
  • Hairy Coos- Free pattern of this Scottish cattle breed showing a horned cow and calf by Free Stained Glass Patterns.
  • Highland Bull- AKA Hairy Coo. Not to be confused with the song of the hairy woodpecker or a bearded new born baby.
  • Holstein- A bust of a Holstein cow (the worlds leading dairy producer) by SG-Patterns. Full size version may need paint, good skills and an imagination to complete.
  • Horse- Simply "horse". I like that... (and the pattern as well) Offered for free by Vit-Mar.
  • Horse Head- Turn 90 degrees and place in bed for a shocking effect.
  • Horse Head- Decorative and colorful is this free stained glass horse pattern from Chantal.
  • Indian Paint- Horse bust designed by Lane Burton of Bright Stained Glass.
  • Mare & Foal- Free pattern from Glass Crafters. Definitely not for the beginner glass crafts person.
  • Me and My Horse- January's pattern of the month from the Larkins.
  • Mr. Rabbit- Looking through an oval portal by The Oak tree.
  • One Happy Hog- Lesson learned here is to lock the booze cabinet in the barn. Free pattern designed by Fantasy in Glass.
  • Pig Panel- Great nostril shot here captured by Chantal.
  • Rabbits- A pair of rabbits and some floral detail designed by Mary Jane.
  • Two Holsteins- A pair of cows in the field by Chantal.
  • Young Horse- Free stained glass pattern by Glass Sorcery depicts a horse under the sun.

More to come...
Updated 1/23/10

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