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Free Stained Glass Patterns: Insects

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Featured Insect Stained Glass Pattern
insect stained glass pattern
offered by Down East Stained Glass

Page dedicated to free butterfly and moth stained glass patterns.
  • Bee on a Flower- Honey bee collecting nectar from Darryl's Stained Glass Patterns.
  • Bee on Flower Stained Glass Pattern- Pattern of the same name by Glass Sorcery. Go to the black and white version: Bee on Flower Pattern.
  • Beehive- Fancy hive with flowers and a single bee by Mary Jane of the ART:ERY.
  • Black and Yellow Argiope Spider- Complete with it's fancy web. Often called a writing spider or garden spider. Very beautiful and stark colors! Free spider pattern from Chantal.
  • Black Widow Spider- Free pattern from the book "More Bush Beauties" by Jillian Sawyer.
  • Bumblebee- 3-Dimensional rear view of this honey producer from Chantal. Pattern set in a circular frame.
  • Cartoon Bee- Not sure if it's well into Friday night or an early Saturday morning but this fella needs to put down the honey stick and get away from the hive! A wild & crazy pattern from Chantal.
  • Caterpillar- Munching on some greens from Chantal Pare.
  • Cecropia Moth- (Hyalophora cecropia) is North America's largest native moth and member of the Saturniidae family, or giant silk moths. One big bug... But has nice wings. Free pattern from Chantal.
  • Clover Honey- Very ornate stained glass pattern of bees and clover in a repeating circular design. Stained glass pattern free from "Free stained glass patterns".
  • Dragonfly- Nice pattern of a dragonfly resting on leaves from Mary Jane on ART:ERY.
  • Dragonfly Panel- Inverted dragonfly hanging on a leaf designed by Chantal Pare.
  • Fruit and Dragonfly- A free stained glass pattern of a dragonfly hanging on a fruit tree branch offered by FREE stained glass patterns.
  • Fruit Fly- Drosophila melanogaster. I'll take the artists word for that scientific name but still going to call it a fruit fly. Hate those darn bugs! Probably why it's free :)
  • Garden Tiger Moth- Pattern set in a wide oval layout. Moth pattern offered free from Chantal.
  • Harlequin Beetle- Looks like it's being served on a dish. Yummy :) Free bug pattern from Chantal.
  • Honey Bee- Free circular pattern of a honey bee (color version) offered by UK Stained Glass News. Designed by Naserene MacDonald of Ontario & Florida.
  • Insectes ou bibitte- French for "Insects Bibitte". Still don't understand the translation but the free patterns are very nice! I especially like the shy grasshopper peeking over the leaves. Patterns from Lion_elle of Passionate Stained Glass. If you speak French join in the forum.
  • Lady Bug- Simple little 3 piece lady bug pattern by Darryl.
  • Ladybug- This gal has her aphid dinner trapped in a circle. Free pattern from Chantal's Stained Glass.
  • Ladybug Shade- If you attempt more than six panels your cute little ladybugs will make you go bats. Thanks a lot Chantal.
  • Leaf Mimic Insect- Not sure if that's what it does or is that what it's called. Hmmm... Anyway, they are related to the stick insect (phasmid family) of bugs. These critters enjoy the delicacies of oak and raspberry leaves and lay eggs 1/2" long.  Thanks for the great pattern Chantal!
  • Lotus Dragonfly Lampshade- Pattern features lotus flowers, seed heads (lotus fruit) and of course, dragonflies. Stained glass lamp of 8 sides is the goal here with a 2x repeat from Chantal's Stained Glass Patterns.
  • On The Wings of Insects- A contemporary circular pattern with a creative title. No bugs were harmed making this pattern! Free pattern from "FREE stained glass patterns".
  • Peas and Katydid- What did Katy do? Never mind... Help yourself to this nice little pattern of a grasshopper eyeballing a pea pod. Offered by FREE stained glass patterns.
  • Simple Butterfly- Nice little beginner stained glass butterfly pattern from Darryl.
  • Spider- From the folks over at Vit-Mar. Pattern set in an oval frame.
  • Spider Web- Free stained glass pattern offered by Stained Glass Express of Waterville, ME.
  • Watermelon and Katydid- Katy's at it again but this time a watermelon is the target! Offered by FREE stained glass patterns.

More to come...
Updated 12/17/09

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