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Free Stained Glass Patterns: Sea Life

Included on the page: Aquatic animals and marine life.
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  • Banner Fish- Pattern designed by Joan & Tom Kelleher of Kelleher Stained Glass Studio, Ft. Meyers, Fla. Free glass pattern download in PDF format offered by Spectrum Glass.
  • Beluga Whale- Both a French and English version of this gentle giant.
  • Blue Crab- Well to be fair... It is blue. Cutesy pattern from Darryl's Stained Glass.
  • Brook Trout- Jumping out of the water, this trout pattern will excite any fisherman. Designed by Bryce Davis of Union High School. Not bad for a kid! Free stained glass pattern in pdf format offered by Spectrum Glass.
  • Butterfly Fish (copper banded)- A sun catcher pattern offered free from Chantal.
  • Comet Goldfish- The common orange and white Koi from Citrus Glass.
  • Conch Shell- Stained glass pattern designed by Mark Grosse of North Canton, Ohio.
  • Coral Reef Lamp- Eight sided lampshade by Chantal beautifully displays a seahorse, some shellfish life, reef bottom vegetation and small fish. A suggestion may be to enlarge the pattern to make it a bit easier to make due to the many intricate pieces. Close up of actual finished lamp detail... Sections: 1&2 3&4
  • Crab- Simple and cartoonish crab pattern by Darryl.
  • Dolphin- Offered by Tiffany Glaskunst. Direct link to pattern: Dolphin.
  • Dolphin Fan Lamp- Designed by Leslie Gibbs, this pattern is used for a fan lamp base. Offered as a pdf free stained glass pattern download from Spectrum Glass.
  • Dolphin Panel- A pair of dolphins leaping above an angry surf by Chantal.
  • Dolphin Suncatcher- A bottle-nose dolphin with head above water by Chantal.
  • Dolphin Suncatcher- Easy to do stained glass pattern offered by Vit-Mar.
  • Dolphins- Pattern of the month offered by the Larkins show two dolphins swimming below the water surface in a circular frame.
  • Fish Lips- Here's looking at ya! Designed by Fantasy in Glass and offered through Spectrum Glass in a pdf download.
  • Green Sea Turtle- This pattern looks a little familiar. Possible it's just a common sea turtle pose? Some interesting facts about this ancient reptile species can be found at Earth Trust's Website.
  • King Fish- Just wondering... Is there a Queen Fish? Pattern offered by Darryl' Stained Glass.
  • King Fish #2- Must be from another country than Darryl's first King Fish. It just has to be... Right?
  • Koi Pond- Beautiful stained glass pattern of two Koi goldfish amongst a gathering of waterlilies. Free pattern download in zip format offered by Paned Expressions Studios. Pattern preview.
  • Lady Blue Fish- Not exactly the ocean "blue fish" but an elegant pattern of an angel fish designed by Sandra Pinson. Free stained glass pattern download in PDF offered by SGW. Preview pattern.
  • Lionhead Lyrtail Goldfish- Nancy Pimental's pattern creation available as a free stained glass pattern download from Spectrum Glass.
  • Manatee's- Pair of manatee's. One larger than the other suggests that this may be mama manatee and her calf.
  • Native Orca- Designed in the native style by Glass Campus. Zip pattern download.
  • Neptune- The king of the sea within his fin fish world and domain.
  • Octopus- Besides having 8 legs, this fella has eyelids! Created by Darryl.
  • One Happy Fish- Do I suspect those bubbles to be champagne? To be sure you're a happy camper making this pattern be sure to adjust pattern to make your cutting easier. Thanks Darryl!
  • Oranda Goldfish- The "redcap" is a favorite goldfish species because of it's beautiful crown.
  • Orca's- Mother orca and baby out for a swim. An oval setting for this stained glass pattern of a killer whale and her calf.
  • Powder Blue Surgeon- Nice free fish pattern from Citrus Glass. You may need to add a little more support (solder) under the dorsal fin for stability. Between small piece and fish body (view pattern).
  • Rainbow Trout- Free pattern designed by Dan W. Wold of a strike about to happen. Pattern in a circle frame of a rainbow trout chasing a fishing spoon. PDF download from Spectrum Glass.
  • Sand Dollars- Collectible and fragile beach comers delight X 2 designed by Elizabeth Netts of M&M Glass Works, Chesapeake, Va. PDF download from Spectrum Glass.
  • Seahorse- A seahorse of course is not a horse and surely cannot talk. Pattern designed by Darryl.
  • Seahorse in Seaweed- Free pattern offered by Citrus Glass. Some modifications must be done to make pattern work for stained glass but very nice pattern overall.
  • Seashell Medallion- Round panel pattern with assorted sea shells and starfish.
  • Seashore Fan-Light- Designed to be used in a fan light base this handsome pattern created by Grace Carpenter is available for download free from Spectrum Glass.
  • Sea Shells Corner- Designed by Dione Roberts from the book "Cozy Corners". A free Spectrum Glass pdf download pattern offered through Stained Glass Workshop. Pattern preview.
  • Sea Shore Lamp- Adorned with a variety of shells and a starfish this six sided panel lampshade would complement any nautical themed decor. Designed by Chantal Pare.
  • Shell Fan Lamp- A seashore trio consisting of a scallop shell, conch and starfish designed by Leslie Gibbs of Creative Solutions out of Virginia Beach, Va. Free pattern download in pdf offered by Spectrum Glass.
  • Small Fish- I can't help but thinking about baby Nemo. Could this be? Stained glass pattern from Darryl.
  • Stoplight Parrotfish- A Bryce Davis pattern creation. There has to be a great story on how this sea critter got it's name. Download provided by Spectrum Glass in PDF.
  • Sting Ray- Not to be confused with the four tire variety. Pattern by Darryl.
  • Stripey (tropical fish)- Designed by Connie Clough Eaton and can be found in the book "Nautical Designs". PDF pattern download available through SGW. Preview pattern.
  • Swimming Turtle- Easy to do stained glass pattern designed by Steven Fletcher and offered by Spectrum Glass as a free pdf download.
  • Tropical Baroque- Not many pieces of glass to this angle fish pattern designed by John Abraham of Stained Glass Arts out of DelRay Beach, Fl but a challenge none the less.Free Spectrum download in PDF.
  • Trout Rising- Pattern of a trout fish designed by Dan W. Wold. Spectrum Glass: June "Pattern of the Month" PDF download.
  • Weedy Sea Dragon- A very challenging pattern by Citrus Glass. Realistic though...
  • Whale Tail- Darryl may be working on the rest of the whale. We'll get it here for you when he does!
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