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"Tones of Earth"

Tones of Earth

Right mouse click and save to your local drive.

Do you like this table setting?
Border: #8 Spacing: #30 Padding: #6 Width: #800

Our stained glass pattern backgrounds are free to use on your website, blog, or to just jazz up your desktop. Please save and upload the pattern to your server rather than hot linking to it.

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Optional Table Values

Cell background color #4C6A3C Grey Green (this example)

Table background is set to (empty value) to let the background show through.
This is the clear edging effect

Table width 88%
Widen or narrow your browser window to see the changes.

# of rows = 1 # of columns = 1
Width: 80% Border: #5 Spacing: #10 Padding: #20


victorian bar

Another Option...

A white font (#ffffff) also works with this table background.

Lighthouse Stained Glass Window

click image to go to Plated Glass Designs

Stained glass window used to make this background.

Courtesy of Plated Glass Designs.

A dark chocolate background also works really well here.

Background for table cell #2A221B

Table background with light yellow font.

(Defines nicely against darker field)

Horizontal Line 80% of table ~ 2px

Table background with white font.

Table Variables
Width: #700 Border: #10, Spacing: #30, Padding: #10

Font style "Georgia" using a text html color string code of #B6EA9F
A frosted green font on a darker field is very easy on the eye. The font style compliments the background image features as well.