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Free Stained Glass Window Patterns: Traditional

        Stained glass patterns listed here will cover designs for traditional leaded glass windows including Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian and other styles from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Our inclusion of the following website listings does not warrant a complete
endorsement of any pattern offered.
Be sure to check use policies and copyright limitations.

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  • Always The One For Me- Circular spirograph generated stained glass pattern.
  • Ambulance Chaser- Great pattern for all of your slip and fall attornies.
  • Arrows and Pomegranates- Strange combination but not a bad looking design overall.
  • Artichoke Flower- Grows wild in South Europe and is now available as a stained glass pattern. Life is good!
  • Art Nouveau Abstract- Delicate looking pattern by Chantal.
  • Art Nouveau Botanical- At least this is what it's called on the web page along with some retro description.
  • Art Nouveau Button- Appears the artist couldn't come up with an appropriate title. Well...  It is round.
  • Art Nouveau Circle- AKA Art Nouveau Medallion. Looking forward to an Art Nouveau Decagon.
  • Art Nouveau Daffodil- 3 dimensional effect achieved with this pattern.
  • Art Nouveau Day-lilies- Nice flow pattern to the design. The vertical fold is the only distraction otherwise an attractive pattern.
  • Art Nouveau Hanging Vine- A peck of pointed peppers. Just keep repeating that if you decide to do this one.
  • Art Nouveau Horizontal- Remove two and you have a vertical.
  • Art Nouveau Iris- Vertically mirrored pattern of a full bloomed iris with handle bar leaves.
  • Art Nouveau Jewel- I honestly don't see the jewel here. Let your imagination go and you'll see frog back riding.
  • Art Nouveau Leaves- Pattern layout and overall appearance nicely done by Chantal.
  • Art Nouveau Lilies- Flower petals appear to resemble wheat. Circular stained glass pattern.
  • Art Nouveau Lotus- Many difficult cuts that have a potential for failure. Good design concept nonetheless.
  • Art Nouveau Onion- Looks more to me like Art Nouveau Garlic. You decide...
  • Art Nouveau Orchids- In the round and gets a thumbs up. I like this one!
  • Art Nouveau Pomegranate- This middle eastern native fruit in a stained glass pattern.
  • Art Nouveau Pure- At 99 & 44/100 it doesn't get any better than that. Don't quite understand the pattern title but the pattern is nice and structurally sound.
  • Art Nouveau Roses- You can always use this pattern for a game board or place mat.
  • Art Nouveau Shells- Another vertically mirrored pattern by Chantal.
  • Art Nouveau Shutters- Pattern can be used for cabinet doors and side lites as well. Try separating the panels to eliminate the woman with the big goofy smile appearance.
  • Art Nouveau Square- Stare real hard and you'll see a happy Art Nouveau bunny in the center.
  • Art Nouveau Square II- 3 praying aliens with leafy hands is the subject here.
  • Art Nouveau Thistle- Overall a nice layout to the design in a square setting.
  • Art Nouveau Tree- All wee need now is an Art Nouveau rope and an Art Nouveau tire.
  • Art Nouveau Tulips- A more attractive pattern in this long Art Nouveau series by Chantal.
  • Art Nouveau Tulips II- 6 tulips at top horizontally with a busy array of circling detail below.
  • Art Nouveau Window- Looks a bit top heavy and busy in the design. Suggested use is for a "large window".
  • Bachelor's Button- A spirograph generated design by Chantel.
  • Banana Tree- Very attractive stained glass window design by Vit-Mar.
  • Baroque Border- Pattern may be better of printing it and using it to trim the top of the wall paper in your Baroque bathroom. Detail Alert!
  • Baroque Shamroque- Play on the word "shamrock". Pattern is a repeated square design by
  • Bay Leaves- Guess it sounds better than termite wings. Actually is an attractive and simple looking circle pattern.
  • Black Hole- Well... It is round. Another spirograph generated creation by Chantel. The deigns and variations can be endless.
  • Botanical Rococo- Heavily detailed 2 fold design by Chantal.
  • Bougainvillea Hexagon- Making this into stained glass may be harder than trying to pronounce it. Inspired from the domes of the 14th Ramadan Mosque in Iraq.
  • Bound Lily- Hexagon shaped pattern. Easy to do.
  • Buttercup- A hexagon shaped pattern with the "Star of David" in the center.
  • Candide- Name given to pattern adapted from an operetta with music composed by Leonard Bernstein.
  • Camellia- Art Nouveau pattern with white camellias.
  • Carnelian- One of the nicer circular repeat patterns by Chantal.
  • Chauve-Souris- "The Bat". I'm working hard here but am drawing a blank. Looks like you're on your own.
  • Cherry Wood- Structure Alert! Proceed with caution.
  • Checkerboard 3000- Pattern designed for the race of the future. Watch out Daytona!
  • Chippendale- No, not what you think ladies... This is the furniture style we're talking about.
  • Chirp Chirp- An abstract circular pattern. Just may be for the birds... Well at least the title.
  • Chocolate- Artist claims it's delicious. The pattern isn't bad either.
  • Chocolate Kisses- A simple circular window stained glass pattern.
  • Classic Octagon- Has a Orthodox Church religious design flair to it.
  • Classical Window- Nice example of a repeated design option. The pattern itself has multiple direction elements.
  • Clover Charm- The second example shows 3 times the charm if one wasn't enough for you. A bit busy multiplied but aesthetically interesting.
  • Cornouiller- "The Male Dogwood" You learn something new every day! One of my favorite patterns in this category. Minor structural issues can easily be fixed.
  • Consumed From Within- Are we just fishing for cliche's? Nah...
  • Crest of Cloth- Voted most likely new design for the next upcoming Star Wars movie.
  • Crewel Embroidery Window- May I suggest to keep this pattern away from glass. To do otherwise would certainly be cruel. Excessive detail alert!
  • Crystal- Round stained glass pattern with triangular shapes througout.
  • Egyptian- I won't even try to be polite describing this pattern. That would be disingenuous. I will say it is quite colorful...
  • Eight of Diamonds- Contemporary stained glass pattern by Chantal.
  • Empire Circus- Aesthetically pleasing but rather heavily detailed.
  • Eternity Ring- Circle pattern includes eight hearts in the design.
  • Fanciful Facets- Round Spirograph generated stained glass window design.
  • Fancy Fern- Proceed with caution.
  • Fence Repeat- I'll be nice and just say... Yes, it does repeat.
  • Fleur de Lys- Nice stained glass design using Fleur de Lys by Chantal.
  • Flytrap- Yes I'm serious... That is the real name of this pattern. I blame creativity gone wild.
  • Fronds- The definition is a large leaf but all I can see is a few little ones with itsy-bitsy daisies mixed in. Excessive detail alert!
  • Garden of Love- Pattern contains use of popular design accent from other stained glass patterns by Chantal.
  • Gate- I'm a bit disappointed with such a small title given to a pattern with a gazillion pieces.
  • Gatekeeper- Intricate Annabelle or French Victorian styled design.
  • Gothic Square- Small design flaws that create weakness issues. Can be corrected.
  • Gothic Wheat- Formal styled pattern from Chantal.
  • Graceful- A stretch of a name for this pattern. I'm trying my best to be nonobjective here. Structure and Detail alerts!
  • Heart of Fern- Not to be confused with Heart of Burn you may encounter trying to do this one. Excessive detail alert!
  • Hyalody- Not quite sure about this pattern except that it is square. May be a type error?
  • I Am On My Way- Warm up the beans and keep the outside light on.
  • I Never Lied To You- I swear I'm not naming my patterns from popular cliches.
  • In My Dreams You Return- Then I woke up... A circular abstract design.
  • In The Clear- A Spectrum download abstract pattern designed by Linda Marcy.
  • Iris and Snails- Yes it is true... They somewhat go together in a strange little way.
  • It Was Destiny- And I never saw it coming...
  • Kelmscott Manor- Named from the limestone home of William Morris, founder of the Arts & Crafts Movement located in the Cotswold village of Kelmscott, Oxfordshire, England.
  • Kingdom Hearts- Contemporary styled stained glass pattern in a square frame.
  • L'Arrache-Coeur- Something that "tears your heart out" is the English/French translation. What's the translation to tear your hair out I wonder?
  • Lemon Law- After making this piece just try to return it... And then to whom?
  • Les Hirondelles- "The Swallows". Should there be a question mark somewhere here?
  • Mahogany- Now who came along and erased all of those important break lines? Structure Alert!
  • Mayan Spaceship Window- Didn't the Mayan's also do hallucinating drugs? One of my favorite and really deserves the "gotta make a stained glass pattern" for that theme award.
  • Meant To Be Broken- No argument here.
  • New Victorian- Surely nothing like the old Victorian.
  • On the Wings of Insects- Spirograph style window pattern in a circular frame.
  • Organic Hearts Window- Design does appear to have vines twisting about. That's organic enough for me...
  • Padauk- I'm guessing the title was given to resemble the wood color? Design Alert! Must be modified to work for stained glass.
  • Palace of Glass- Art Nouveau styled pattern by Chantal.
  • Palindrome- Left to right or right to left... It really doesn't matter where you start. It's the same.
  • Periwinkles- Chantal doing what she does best... Designing patterns your fingers can ache for. Attractive pattern but heavily detailed.
  • Pillar- I guess you might call that tall thing down the center a pillar. Don't hold me to it though...
  • Plume Window- An abstract design by Chantal.
  • Power of 10- A circular window pattern with 10x repeats. Hense the name...
  • Product X- Round stained glass pattern with an "X" in the center.
  • Protomodernist- I confess... I had to google the title of this pattern. I'm still confused but not half as to why this pattern was given the name. May be an action figure some day. Who knows?
  • Rays of Sirius- Contemporary circular stained glass window pattern. Are you serious about doing this one? Seriously... I see this looking like a million bucks if done with bevels!
  • Rings of Jupiter- Yes they do exist! Here's the pattern to prove it.
  • Rococo Revival- More than rococo will need reviving if you decide to actually make this into stained glass.
  • Rose des Vents- English translation: "Compass Rose". Possibly it means hodgepodge elsewhere?
  • Sadness in the Hall of Mosses- I really should label these designs with creative names. I guess I just did...
  • Septentrion- A contemporary stained glass window pattern in a circle.
  • Shamrock Tartan- Shamrock petals on a field of crisscrossed vertical and horizontal bands of various colors.
  • Simplicity- Needs no further description. Nice and easy contemporary stained glass pattern.
  • Sixpence- Doesn't resemble the currency but rather is named for it's six repeats. I'm very confident with my assumption.
  • Square of Daisies- Very ornate two fold design with daisies and other decorative details.
  • Spaceship Window- Maybe I'm just not looking at this one right. Possibly if done in a disc or cigar shape I may see the craft.
  • Spy Sweeper- There is a confession about the title of this pattern made by the author. I new there was hope...
  • Steel Swan Square Dance- And I thought they only swam around...
  • The Meaning of Nine- First you must figure out the mystery of eight. A circle stained glass design with 9 repeats.
  • The Oracle Is Now Silent- AKA The lips are sealed. Design leaves me speechless so it must be rightly named.
  • Thirty One Faversham Road- Can be seen clearly from 30 Faversham Road.
  • Thunder Eggs- A geode type pattern from Chantal.
  • Tulip Bouquet- Attractive design in a circle layout and Victorian flair.
  • Tulip Vase- 13 standing tall and one looking at you to ease the artist's triskaidekaphobia.
  • Tragedy in Room 19- The incident is still under police investigation.
  • Trail of Tears- Ornate stained glass pattern. I kind of see tears here and there.
  • Trinity- Contemporary stained glass design from Chantal.
  • Under The Influence- Warning: Reading the authors joke... Uncontrollable giggling may result.
  • Urn- Detailed pattern with an urn and baby tulips amongst some other undefinable accents.
  • Vanda Coerulea- "The Blue Orchid" A pretty stained glass window design by Chantal.
  • Victorian- Pattern of the month by the Larkins. I suspect it was drawn with a spirograph.
  • Victorian & Art Nouveau Gallery- Computer generated stained glass panel designs by Lion_elle. Nice!
  • Victorian Curlicues- A slight issue with the center vertical line may need to be addressed here.
  • Victorian Doors- Pair of panel patterns. Some structural issues should be looked at before construction. offered by StainedGlassers.
  • Victorian Shamrock- Transom panel with 2 shamrocks.
  • Victorian Square- Simple looking stained glass design that's easy to do.
  • Victorian Style Hummingbirds- Mirrored design with 2 types of flowers. The hummers must be at the neighbors feeder.
  • Victorian Pomegranate- 2 panel set suggested for window panes.
  • Victorian Tulip- Pattern has a Victorian garlic highlight to balance off the tulip.
  • Victorian Window #1- Stained glass pattern copied from an antique window. Avoid butting up curves to borders to eliminate a heavy line.
  • Victorian Window #2- Looks close to the original. Pattern still needs to address the distance needed between the curved pieces and straight border to work for lead.
  • Victorian Window #3- Close again but falls short with a poor line flow near the bottom and heavy vertical bars in the center.
  • Victorian Window #4- A few thin inner border structural issues but otherwise OK.
  • Victorian Window #5- A bit more attention is needed to the center oval and how it is delicately pointed in the original panel and lopsided lines here and there.
  • Victorian Window #6- A few chopped curves need to be fixed. Hey... Where did that line come from in the middle?
  • Victorian Window #7- Top diamond in center is curved in original and the oval issue is back.
  • Whimsy- Abstract spirograph generated stained glass window design.
  • Winchester Mystery House- You may have to go to Winchester's home to find the answer.
  • Wrought Iron- Elaborate "formal" stained glass pattern. Notice "elaborate" was spelled with a capital "E".

More to come...
Updated 3/1/10

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