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Free Stained Glass Patterns:
Transportation & Vehicles

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Our inclusion of the following website listings does not warrant a complete endorsement of any pattern offered.
Be sure to check use policies and copyright limitations.

  • Airplane- Free stained glass pattern offered by Rainbow Stained Glass.
  • Audi Car- Front end view of an Audi by Fantasy in Glass. Tricked out version here.
  • Asian- An Oriental themed stained glass pattern offered by Lion Elle. Beautiful foliage above a small water vessel adds that Oriental touch.
  • Balloons- Five decorative hot air baloons drifting above a mountain backed landscape. Free pattern offered by Paned Expressions Studios. Download pattern in zip format.
  • Beaver Floatplane- August "Design of the Month" from Dragonfly Software. Designer Sara Jarvis of Jara Glassworks explains how the stained glass design came about.
  • Beetle- Classic 60's VW Bug from Glass Crafters. PUNCH BUGGY YELLOW!
  • Camaro- 60's muscle car stained glass pattern created by Mary Jane.
  • Car- Simple nose view of an older car with round headlights from Fantasy in Glass.
  • Eve- Pattern of a calm sea with a sail boat and looks like a guardian of some sorts. Very pleasant layout by Lion Elle.
  • F-22 Raptor- Designed by Lockheed Martin (the aircraft not the pattern) this stealth fighter jet is one heck of an airplane. Sure glad the F22 flies with the USA flag!
  • Fire Truck- "In the Visor" designed by Lion Elle.
  • Flash McQueen- #95, the race car with charisma and Hollywood star designed by Lion Elle.
  • Formula Glass- A formula 1 race car pattern designed by Fantasy In Glass and offered free from Spectrum in PDF format.
  • Freight Train- Listen to Elizabeth Cotton performing "Freight Train" while you work on this pattern by Mary Jane.
  • Harley- A preliminary sketch from Cole Brothers. Needs some adaptation for glass but is a great start.
  • Harley Motorcycle- "Davidson" was dropped for unknown reasons. I do recognize that shield with the horizontal plate somewhere. Hmmm.
  • Hot Air Balloon- A mobile pattern for stained glass includes little bird patterns to make pieces that hang below the main piece (balloon). Designed by Lion Elle.
  • Jet- A nice and easy sleek looking jet from Fantasy in Glass.
  • Lionel Locomotive- Pattern of a Lionel train car, I believe it's a caboose but could be wrong. Detail of wheels are somewhat confusing. A one of a kind pattern no doubt.
  • Little Red Popcorn Wagon- Free pattern download offered by Spectrum Glass. Designed by Clay & Roberta Blancke of Huron, Ohio.
  • Mini Cooper- Free stained glass pattern offered by Vit-Mar. A design challenge but structurally correct.
  • Mount Hood Train- Well actually it's a train with Mt. Hood in the background. AKA Wy'east train from the Multnomah tribe. Thanks for the nice pattern Mary Jane!
  • Nautilus Submarine- From the story of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the sub is being attacked by a giant squid. Great for Captain Nemo or Jules Verne fans.
  • Pick-up Truck- Old step side pick-up stained glass pattern from Vit-Mar.
  • Pirate Ship- Why is it that the skull and crossbones flag was called the "Jolly Roger"? Arggg! Pattern offered by Mary Jane.
  • Race Car- Old street rally styled racer offered by Fantasy in Glass.
  • Roller Skate- Not technically a vehicle but still used for transportation. Free skate pattern offered by Glass Crafters. 
  • Sailing Ships- A gallery of ships offered by Bateau, Voilier & Galion. 
  • Schooner- Nice pattern of this classic triple mast ocean traveler of years ago by Voilier.
  • Ship & Lighthouse- A 2 panel set pattern offered by Lion Elle. I hope I got that right.
  • Ship in a Bottle- Designed by Helen Bielan and offered as a free stained glass pattern download from Spectrum Glass.
  • Sopwith Camel- Stained glass pattern of a WWI British biplane designed by Mary Jane.
  • Space Shuttle- Free stained glass pattern of the famous space commuter offered by Infobahn Stained Glass Studio. PDF download.
  • Stagecoach- The old west way to get from here to there. Or from there to here for that matter. Stained glass pattern designed by Mary Jane.
  • Toy Airplane- Free pattern of a toy plane offered by Spectrum Glass.
  • Train- From Mary Jane who lives down the lane... Well, not to sure about that but it did rhyme. Head on shot of an oncoming train. Some detail issues can easily be corrected.
  • Train 01- Old steamer is from Oak Tree Stained Glass.
  • Train Of Thought- Cute bookends and cuter twist on cliche offered by Spectrum Glass. Pattern designed by The Stained Glass Emporium of Rehoboth, Ma.
  • Yellow Submarine- What a terrific pattern endorsement from the fab four aka "The Beatles".
  • Viking Ship- The bow of a Viking ship designed by Drakkar.
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