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Free Stained Glass Patterns: Wild Animals

Our inclusion of the following website listings does not warrant a complete
endorsement of any pattern offered.
Be sure to check use policies and copyright limitations.


Free Frog Stained Glass Pattern
Sponsored by Paned Expressions Studios

  • Antelope- Suncatcher pattern offered by the ART:ERY.
  • Baby Elephant #1- Small panel design by Chantal.
  • Baby Elephant #2- Still looking for baby elephant #3. Wink ;)
  • Bat- Set on the edge in flight on a circular frame. May make a nice mirror frame for that special witch or Vampire in your life.
  • Bear Collection- Not so wild looking group of free bear patterns by Warner.
  • Beaver- Beaver overlaps a maple leaf set in a circular layout by Vit-mar.
  • Big Horn Sheep- Hexagon shaped pattern of a big horn sheep (ram). Looks like the ear-less variety.
  • Bison- Also known as a Buffalo. North American's largest mammal in a stained glass pattern.
  • Brush Tailed Phascogale- Free sample pattern designed by Jillian Sawyer from the book "Bush Beauties".
  • Buffalo- AKA as a bison :) Pattern designed by John Reid.
  • Bunny Rabbit- Standard chocolate bunny profile view with a floral background setting.
  • Camel- Bust view with a pyramid in the background.
  • Chickens in the Garden- You'll probably toss your glass cutter in the garden too attempting to make this heavily detailed pattern with many difficult cuts.
  • Chinchilla- A domesticated wild animal in the rodent family native to the Andes mountains.
  • Chimp Face- Only a mother could love. Free pattern from Artistic Glass Patterns.
  • Chimp Face- Yet another chimp face pattern by AGP. Appears many nearly impossible cuts without a saw.
  • Chipmunk- Looks like this little fella is warming his paw. Pattern of this tiny squirrel with a circle backdrop.
  • Cougar- Up close view of those ready to pounce eyes by Mary Jane.
  • Cute Animals- Collection of cute stained glass animal patterns offered by Warner. Set includes ducks and chicks, a bunny with a carrot,  bunny crossing his ears,  teddy with daisies wearing a hat,  teddy with a really large tulip, bear with balloons, mouse with a flower and a puppy with a bow tie. Yeah we know the puppy shouldn't be listed here but then again all of the other patterns are not so wild.
  • Elephant- Realistic pattern by Betty of "Stained Glass By Betty".
  • Elephant- Pattern doesn't look stable as is but may be used for an insert into a larger panel.
  • Elk- Pattern set in circular frame by Chantal's Stained Glass Patterns.
  • Deer- free pattern by Vit-Mar depicts a bust of a handsomely racked buck in a circle frame.
  • Flamingos and Flowers- Almost didn't list this pattern due to the torturous detail.
  • Floating Elephant- Well, to be fair he's being helped by a bunch of balloons. Pattern designed by Kay Coffman. Free Spectrum download pattern.
  • Fox- Head view of a fox in a circular frame by Vit-Mar.
  • Fruit Bat- Tropical bat also known as the flying fox.
  • Fox and Mouse- Finally... A stained glass pattern for fans of this wild game for children.
  • Fox In Snow- And he surely looks like he's not enjoying it either. Pattern by Artistic Glass Patterns.
  • Gerry The Giraffe- Childish toy pattern by Chantal. May be related to Jeffrey down at the toy store. Not sure.
    Gibbon- Small apes from the tropical rain forests of South, and East Asia. One of the stranger subjects for stained glass but here's the pattern.
  • Giraffe- Now this is one dignified looking animal dude with a seriously long neck.
  • Giraffe Kiss- Seen a similar design but just can't seem to place where. Heavily detailed pattern by Artistic Glass Patterns.
  • Grizzly- Free glass pattern offered by Spectrum Glass. Designed by Dan Wold of Sunnyside Washington.
  • Grizzley Bear- Very well done pattern of a bear head in front of a full moon. By Vit-Mar.
  • Howling Wolf- From the book "Wildlife of the North" by Debbie Christ.
  • Kangaroo- Mommy with baby in her pouch. Stained glass pattern by Chantal.
  • Kangaroo- Free pattern offered by Betty of Stained Glass By Betty. Who else :)
  • Kid Goat- Artist claims if you love goat cheese this patterns for you. So what if you happen to like goat's milk?
  • Koala- Native Australian tree climber.
  • Koala- Oak Tree Stained Glass's version of a koala
  • Koala- Julian Sayer shares her version of mother and baby koala's in a bamboo tree from the book "Australian Bush Beauties". PDF format.
  • Leopard Fur- The eyes, ears, whiskers, nose and all of the other leopard parts included in this free pattern by Chantal.
  • Leopard Fur Suncatcher- Your stained glass leopard collection would not be complete without this pattern.
  • Lion- Free pattern by Betty of a realistic full view of the king of beasts.
  • Lioness- Hanging out on a sturdy branch. Free pattern by Oak Tree.
  • Lioness- Free standing pattern designed by Betty.
  • Majestic Buck- Pattern of an eight point buck by Dan Wold. What a rack! PDF download.
  • Mandrill- Primate of the Cercopithecidae family is now available for a stained glass project! How did we ever survive before this?
  • Mice Eating Licorice Allsorts- Has to be the most bizarre stained glass pattern ever made. Unless you love licorice and mice I guess.
  • Monique- The lioness that is. Atop a rock formation with claws outstretched. Free pattern by Oak Tree.
  • Moose- Finished stained glass from this pattern will look great in your Adirondack lodge.
  • Moose- Free stained glass pattern download designed by Thomas S Berg, Sr. of White Oak Glass Works.
  • Moose- Free pattern of a moose in the pines by Glass Crafters.
  • Mr. Rabbit- Looking through an oval portal by The Oak tree.
  • Nassellaria- Often misspelled this sea worm species is a great subject for stained glass painting. Ya think?
  • Orangutan- Free and in a tree by AGP.
  • Panda- Mamma and baby pandas in an oval frame within a grove of bamboo.
  • Panda- A panda eating some bamboo leaves by Packrat Productions Stained Glass.
  • Panda- Free stained glass pattern offered by Vit-Mar.
  • Panda- A little adjustments have to be made to make this one work.
  • Platypus- Not a very practical design. Hey it's free... Offered by
  • Possum- May need your tweezers for a few pieces in this one. PDF from FPSG.
  • Polar Bear- Stained glass pattern by John Reid of the worlds largest meat eater from the Arctic.
  • Pronghorn Fan Lamp- Spectrum Glass stained glass pattern of the month designed by Jackie Fisher of Dark Horse Studio.
  • Rabbits- A pair of rabbits and some floral detail designed by Mary Jane.
  • Rhino- Other than the one horn (smaller one) the pattern works.
  • Skunk- Another one of those "why" patterns. In all fairness Pepé Le Pew may disagree.
  • Sleepy Fawn- A baby deer curling up with her nose under a hind leg ready for a little nap.
  • Snail- A not so wild animal but does live in the wild so here it is. Now all we need is a Spongebob pattern.
  • Southwest Deer- Cousin of the Northeast deer enjoys desert life. Free project pattern from Delphi.
  • Squirrel- Set in a circular frame eating his nuts.
  • Sugar Gliders- Great pattern for the National Sugar Gliders Watchers Association. Odd themed stained glass pattern but look at those eyes! How good does it get, there's even a sun catcher version.
  • Tiger Panel- Set in a circular frame a side view of a tiger head. Free pattern by Chantal.
  • Tintinnopsis- Even harder than pronouncing is trying to figure out why a stained glass pattern of a marine worm was made.
  • Tree Snake- Oh how cute!
  • Wild Cat- A friend of mine had a 66 convertable with a 455 big block. But here we have a pattern of the other kind of cat. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  • Wolf- Pattern download offered by Spectrum Glass and designed by Gretchen Begnoche of Windrider Stained Glass.
  • Wolf Pups- 2 emerging from the den set in a tall oval frame with a landscape scenery.
  • Wombat- Free pattern download of this Australian marsupial offered by "Free Patterns for Stained Glass".
  • Woodland Bunny- Amongst some wild mushrooms under a very large leaf of some sort designed by Glass Sorcery.
  • Zebra- Self torture in the glass cutting stage should be ignored because children love zebra's and will continue until they're all grown up.

More to come...
Updated 1/23/10

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