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Free Stained Glass Patterns: Wreaths & Ribbons

Included on the page: Stained glass patterns for wreaths and ribbons.

Our inclusion of the following website listings does not warrant a complete endorsement of any free pattern offered.
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  • 3D Wreath- Free stained glass pattern from the Creative Art Factory uses a wire hoop and overlays of holly leaves and berries.
  • Aids Ribbon- Round stained glass pattern offered by PDQ Patterns.
  • Breast Cancer Pattern- Ribbon inside a circular frame offered free from PDQ Patterns.
  • Breast Cancer Ribbon- Commemorating October's breast awareness month. Free stained glass pattern requires a product review. Offered by PDQ Patterns.
  • Apple Wreath- A stained glass wreath pattern with apples, small round grape like fruits, random background sections and leaves. Try turning pattern 90 degrees to the left so it doesn't look so vertically oblong.
  • Christmas Wreath- A twisted ribbon makes up the wreath with holiday bells in the center and a grouping of holly at the base. Free holiday stained glass pattern available from Stained Glass Pattern Resizer.
  • Christmas Wreath- Use as many clusters of this design and attach to a real or artificial Christmas wreath. Free holiday pattern from Glass Crafters.
  • Christmas Wreath with Crystal- Free stained glass pattern offered by Warner Stained Glass. Easy to do holiday project shows using an Austrian Swarovski crystal hung in center of pattern.
  • Country Bouquet- Free wreath stained glass pattern has dogwood flowers along the bottom and suggests using a mirror for the center as a nice option. Stained glass pattern designed by Alee Soderman of Valee Studios out of Palo Alto California. A Spectrum Glass free pattern download in PDF format.
  • Cymbidium Orchids Wreath- I guess when you have exhausted your stained glass wreath ideas this sort of works. To be fair, I would say the artist has a deep affection to orchids.
  • Easter Wreath- Three Easter eggs in a hoop with a ribbon atop this stained glass pattern offered free from Spectrum Glass and Lisa Vogt of "Originals in Glass" located in Tampa Florida.
  • Fall Wreath- Free stained glass pattern from Glass Crafters Stained Glass Supplies.
  • Four Seasons Wreath- Stained glass pattern has food, fruits, flowers, sea life, the sun and moon and a few other things I couldn't make out. Heck it even has a coconut or two and a ribbon below. Extremely ornate stained glass pattern by Chantal.
  • Holly Wreath- Christmas themed wreath with a big ribbon and ring of holly leaves. Free stained glass pattern offered by Spectrum Glass and Royalty Stained Glass of Colorado Springs, Co.
  • Mothers with Aids Ribbon- Set in a circular frame from GospelGlass.
  • Ribbon- Free pattern has a star in the center and shows a patriotic color option as well as a yellow version. Free pattern from Glass Crafters.
  • Santa Wreath- Free stained glass pattern of a sleeping moon Santa offered by Lisa Vogt from the book "Home for the Holidays".
  • Valentine Galore- Royalty Stained Glass and Spectrum have teamed up to offer this free stained glass pattern with hearts arranged along a wire frame shaped into a larger heart. Makes for a romantic wreath no doubt!
  • Wreath- Change the colors to match the seasons or match your home decor as suggested by the pattern creator. Stained glass pattern has an open center with random shaped pieces surrounding the center and bordered with looping ribbons.
  • Wreath of Holly- Pattern from Cole Brothers has a ribbon at the bottom and various shaped holly leaves and berries. Adding break lines to difficult areas or lessening the inside cuts will help with cutting.

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